1.5 Ft Ginseng Ficus Bonsai Plant in Regular Round Pot


Pretty plant to green your interior.

More product:
– A real tree in miniature
– Low maintenance
– Ready to put in his design pot
It is called “Semi Mature bonsai” because of Its hardiness and thick trunk give it mature look quickly. You can easily carve it to keep a beautiful shape. All the aesthetics of a bonsai without its constraints!

All photos, heights and descriptions should be only used as a guide.

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Growing Conditions Indoor
Average Landscape 2x 3 feet*
Indoor or Outdoor Indoor
Plant type Bonsai
Growth Rate Slow
Special Feature   Easy Care, Water-wise
Foliage Color and Shape Dramatic Green Foliage Color
Bloom Time No
Bloom Color
Garden Style Modern, Contemporary

*At maturity.

Design Ideas:- It is favoured by garden designers who love its unique form and color for single specimens in a ground or in simple geometric containers. Plant it in Your balcony or outdoor. Order Bonsai Plant Online Now!

Care:-This particular tree does not need much attention. You will only need to water it once or twice a week at most. If you over-water it occasionally, this bonsai will adjust.; if you forget to water it on occasion, it will not get mad at you and shrivel up. You will know if you are not giving it enough water because the dark green leaves will start to turn yellow. The best way to keep your Ginseng Ficus moist and happy is to mist it with a spray bottle every day. Re-potting ( every one to three years depending on the speed of its growth) should always take place right after the colder season and the beginning of the spring season.


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