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Living room plants are those that should live indoors. Research shows that having greenery indoors is highly beneficial, not only because plants filter toxins from the air and increase oxygen during daylight hours, but because they are calming and soothing for the soul. So it’s official – houseplants are good for you! Some house plants, such as succulents actually produce oxygen at night, which is highly unusual. Browse and Order HousePlants Online from our range of house plants including exotic Palms, Cacti, Succulents, Lucky Bamboo Euphorbia, Schefflera plants and many more. They make great housemates! All our houseplants are 100% guaranteed to grow, and are delivered quickly within the Delhi NCR.  From our garden to your door – our easy to use ordering system takes all the fuss out of planning your garden. We also guide you through the the process of finding and how to buy plants online from Delhi’s best Online Nursery